Compliance and Governance in the Age of Tech

Today’s episode focuses on the growing field of compliance and regulation.

Compliance is a field that is growing in importance at both national and international level. In the EU where emerging ethical principles governing tech have led governments to pass new laws, and harms caused by the tech industry have provoked increasingly sharp public reactions, companies have realized that they now must abide by new reporting obligations, that seek to monitor and prevent environmental mismanagement, sexual harassment, questionable lobbying and tax offenses. Companies are increasingly seeking to protect themselves by introducing effective compliance systems so as to meet these new requirements.

In the episode, I speak with Ofir Shabtai, the Co-Founder & CTO at Shield, a company building compliance systems that can serve as internal watchdogs to monitor and ensure compliance. We talk about the emerging models of governance and the compliance movements mobilizing around the world, what compliance work looks like, and how technological systems intersect with compliance and governance.

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