Selected Articles:

• “Textimony: The Grammar of Atrocity” The Journal of Comparative Literature (Forthcoming, 2024)

• “The Technology of Interpretation: New Approaches to the New CriticismTextual Practice (2020)

• “Seeing Double in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People: Local Toxins, Global Toxicity, and the Universal BhopalJournal of Postcolonial Writing, January 2017.

• “Factuality on Trial: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s Mother Night, the Eichmann Trope, and Hannah Arendt’s Authenticity ErrorTextual Practice, December 2017.

• “The Ashbery Trail,” Electric Literature, September 2017.

• “Sammy Sosa,” The Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography. Ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Franklin Knight. Oxford University Press, 2015.

• “The Loss of Voice and the Voice of Loss: Memory, Reconstruction, and Reconciliation in South African Literature.” in Trauma, Resistance, and Reconstruction in Post-1994 South African Writing. Ed. Jaspal K. Singh and Rajendra Chetty. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2010. p104-120.

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