Ethical Technology

  • I host the “Technically Human” podcast, a top 10 podcast about ethics and technology. I interview major thinkers, writers, leaders, critics, and technologists, and we talk about the relationship between tech and human values. Learn more about “Technically Human” and listen to the show here.
  • Read more about my course on ethical technology and science fiction here.
  • Read more about my new project, the Ethical Tech Center @ Cal Poly here.
  • In 2020, I was awarded the Cal Poly Strategic Research Initiative Award for my project, “Revolutionizing the Tech Workforce,” with Dr. Matthew Harsh, and the Center for Expressive Technology’s Grant Award. Read more about these projects here. 
  • In 2021, I was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Award for my project, “The Future of Work: The Emerging Profession of Ethical Technology,” with Dr. Matthew Harsh. Read more about the project here.
  • Learn more about the relationship between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and how ethical and responsible technology can transform DEI in tech, and in the academy here.

Ethical Technology is a new field of inquiry that seeks to develop an approach to technological innovation grounded in humanistic principles in values. It foregrounds tech ideation, practices, cultures, and products that are equitable in both process and outcome.

The Ethical Tech Initiative @ Cal Poly brings faculty together across areas of expertise to develop a framework for thinking about how we build technologies that make the world a better place—and what we envision as a better world. We create classes, we build partnerships, and we design programs that help train the next generation of the tech workforce to think ethically, equitably, and responsibly about what and how they will build a technological future. We work with scholars inside the academy, thought leaders, public interest technologists, and industry leaders to imagine technology in new ways, and we bring stakeholders together across divides to solve the major problems we face at the intersection of ethics, policy, and technological production.

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