Grimm Futures: Technology’s fairy tales

In this episode of “Technically Human,” I sit down with D.J. MacLennan to talk about the relationship between technological realities and fairy tale mythologies. We talk about what it means to re-write epic and age-old stories about magical worlds and beings in the age of tech, and how technological culture may itself be a form of fairy tale thinking.

D.J. Meclennan is a writer of speculative fiction and non-fiction from the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland. His new book, Future Bright, Future Grimm: Transhumanist Tales for Mother Nature’s Offspring reboots the Grimms brothers’ fables to imagine how the fairy tales help us imagine the future, and how science fiction blends with fairy tale mythologies,  as technology becomes increasingly embedded in our bodies and our landscapes.

This podcast was produced by Matt Perry.

Artwork by Desi Aleman.

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